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Bristol Cannabis Club started as a Facebook page on 1st May 2012, as part of the UK Cannabis Social Clubs initiative. The page passed through several groups of admins until finally becoming a fully  functioning social club with its first social meeting at the end of May 2014.

The current team of club administrators, who come from all walks, including an Infrastructure Manager, Sales Manager, Rope access technician, Care Home Manager, Medical Herbalist, Senior Analyst, Students, Quality Control Technicians, house wives/husbands and gardeners, came together due to their mutual interest and passion in both cannabis and cannabis law reform, and a common desire to drive change to the current system and laws.  Also to provide a point for patients who use cannabis as medicine to be able to source information and education.

Many of our club members are keen horticulturists and part of our current fundraising proceeds will be dedicated to supporting a local community garden project in Bristol, helping to provide fresh produce.  Club members are also raising funds to be able to contribute towards the cost of patients traveling to more lenient states and countries for therapeutic treatments.

We organise monthly public social evenings in a local pub or community centre in different areas of the city, where people can relax and chat with other like minded individuals. The club admins meet in a private location every 2 to 3 weeks to work on our future plans and website.

We are always looking for new venues which are accessible for people who are reliant on wheelchairs within the city or surrounding areas. If anyone reading this has any suggestions then please use the contact form to let us know.

Interested parties can attend any of our public events, details can be found on our Facebook page ,  or via the events tab here on our website or email

We also have a mailing list which people can sign up to by registering their interest via our email address.  Or alternatively subscribing to our mailing list via this website at register

Bristol Cannabis Club is not currently charging membership fees, and will not start to do so until we have membership packages available and the systems in place to provide a secure and regular membership service. Until this service is ready we are raising funds from donations and by raffling items donated by local and national allied businesses.

Bristol CSC first meeting

Bristol Cannabis Club first public meeting



62 thoughts on “About & Sign Up

  1. Tom

    Hi it’s so good to see a group trying to promote cannabis in all the right ways, I’ve just moved to bristol (Clifton) and was hoping to just find some helpful information on the best ways to tackle anxiety disorders with herbal medication. Any help or advice would be appreciated
    Regards, Tom

    1. alistar

      Coellene we are are hoping to have a social earl in October. If you subscribe to our mailing list we will send out a mail with more details shortly. Signing up to the website with subscribe you to the mailing list.

      Cheers =)

  2. Rob

    can’t believe I’ve only just found out about this group (thanks Bristol Post), signed up for the newsletter hope to be speaking with like minded people soon.

    signed the petition and am absolutely disgusted by the governments response

  3. Canabris

    Good afternoon,

    I’m a Canadian now living in Bristol. Back home I’d use cannabis as an alternative medicine to aid with anxiety and subdue the negative side effect of my daily medication, accessible through compassion centres and legal prescriptions. I’ve recently come across this group and I’m hoping it’s still function.

    Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

    Kind regards

    1. alistar

      Hey Canabris 🙂 Sorry for the late reply! We are still active and looking at a meeting in October. If you join our mailing list we will keep you posted on time and location so you can come along meet like minded people and share experiences.

  4. Chris

    Hello, great website. Would love to become a member.
    I have smoked for 50 years, the last 30 without tobacco.
    My love of the cannabis is both recreational and medical. I have been type 1 diabetic for 60 years and I know that cannabis has helped to lower blood sugar levels and keep me free of glaucoma.
    My working life has always been in creative work so smoking has always been an aid.
    I fully support all efforts toward legalisation.
    I now live most of the time in Bath and look forward to becoming an active member.

    1. alistar

      Hey Chris 🙂

      Look forward to meeting you best way to join currently is to signup to the website and come along to one of our events last sunday of each month, you will get details once you have signed up to site

  5. Chris Rogers

    Hi Alistar ,thanks for reply.
    I have tried sever times to register, however the site keeps telling me my email or user name and password are invalid and to reset but it will not let me. HELP!

    1. alistar


      Registration should add you to our mailist and allow you to signon to website to preserve settings. The members area ahs a sperate passwrd we will mail once once you register as a full member and get issues an ID card. Which URL are you trying to login at out of interest as you should eb able to login to site



  6. Chris Rogers

    Hi Alistar, I have tried to log in using this email and also user name + password ,it is rejected each time.Please contact me for this Sunday’s meeting on this email.
    Cheers& Hope to meet

    1. alistar

      Hey Chris if you provide the signin link you are using we can see what’s going wrong. It could be due to there being multiple signon locations. One is to login to the website which is the one you should get when you register to the website which will also add you to our mailinglist. To get access to our members area you need to signup as a full member and await the members mail.



  7. Shaun Worgan

    I have spent many years battling anxiety and depression. I really would like to see Cannabis totally legalised in the UK for medical and recreational use. I’m sick to death of being constantly ripped off by nasty dirt bag dealers with sub standard product , handing over hard earned money and never getting the product and / or just not being able to track some down. I need to meet with like minded people in Fishponds and the greater Bristol area. Cheers, Shaun. ✌

  8. Chris

    Hi. My main aim is the use of CBD oil for treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Be good to speak to some people with similar views. Hope to hear about an event soon.

    1. alistar

      Hey Chris! You should find a few members on similar journeys. We currently hold events every last Sunday. If you head over to FB and search for our non members group of add our facebook you can reach out there to members for a referral as we are a private members club

    1. alistar


      Cart fixed sorry for the delay! Not sure why that happened must have been upgrade related but all are now back in stock and new sizes added too!

  9. Steven West

    Hi guys.. moving to bristol soon.. when i do i’ll have a fruity gift 😉 please just tell me ya stuff there doesnt come in from brandon (the place) or birmingham.. lol.

  10. Antt

    Hi I’m interesting in membership just to share knowledge work likeminded people can’t seem to register on here but I am a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to technology.also I’m going to hemp fest down in Glastonbury in 2 weeks anybody from Bristol cannabis club going ?just so I can ask about the club thanks antt

    1. alistar

      Sweet! Just hit up any of our public events we push to facebook or instagram to get involved. Join our mailing list too. Membership is via referal from existing members who will risk their membership to vouch for others they are comfortable with in their own homes

  11. Benn

    Hi I m moving to the area soon how can I become a member is there away to ask for a referral meeting? I can buy a lunch and have a good chin wag if any body fancys it 🙂

  12. James Joyce

    Hey guys I just signed up for the news letter and am looking to meet existing carded members to get a referred. I have fibromyalgia and need help and advice. What is the best way to meet carded members?

  13. kev66

    Hi to everyone, I’ve tried everything to get cannabis through my doctor and the pain clinic,but to no avail, I have medical problems and the only thing that helps me is cannabis which I carnt have,but I can have Oramorph and Matrifen. 50mg, i am on other meds as well,it just doesn’t make sense to me,I live in the south west and I will try to get to some meetings in 2018 look forward to seeing you.

  14. Tom

    Hi there folks. I recently moved here from the North East. Would love to be part of your mailing list too. I don’t know a single soul here yet so it would be great to meet some likeminded people!

  15. Sabdo


    I was asked to seek a referral from a member online or offline. If anybody can refer me it would be appreciated.
    I am interested in having more information about the organisation and maybe meeting like minded people.

  16. Matthew Paton


    We are a small company called “Tamfi” we manufacture Herbal smoking blends in the uk. We have many customers in the Bristol area which has led me to your website, glad to see some sensible attitudes towards Cannabis.

    would it be possible to have your link on my site and my link on your site?

    Just because people smoke weed doesnt need to mean they have to smoke tobacco causing them to smoke 20 a day! This extremely bad for your health and your Wallet!

    Best Regards


    1. alistar

      Hi sure can! Do you have a discount code we can add to our members section or any samples we can have available for our socials push out the evil baccy

  17. Will Smile Mathieson

    I keep on knocking but I can’t come in.
    You don’t want me as a member when I’ve been activating for cannabis since 1986 – on 3 continents? 🙂
    Something fishy.
    I know what side I’m on!
    Will Smile 🙂

    1. alistar

      You where banned due to filming an admin meeting which featured people’s faces which you later published to youtube with no permission. Since then you have made videos that threatened the license of one pub and the safety of those at a spot frequented by consumers. You may have the right intentions but we have to think about the security of our members

  18. Alexander

    I am in Bristol and I was told that I could seek referal from a member online.
    I am interested in the organisation and to maybe meet with like minded people.
    Thank you in advance for anyone that could refer me.

  19. Yasser Ehsan

    I’ve recently gained major obsession and passion for the plant. It’s my second year smoking and I started sampling strains which slowly led to me being completely invested in the idea of legalization and being a part of the movement. I would love to meet people with the same mindset as I want to persue a career in the legal cannabis industry. If it’s possible, I would like to join the organization and help the cause in any way possible.

  20. paultomasi

    What are the REAL chances of a CBD oil making a difference to a person’s Small Cell Lung Cancer prognoses?

    What brand, what quantity, what supplier and how to tell the difference between genuine CBD oil and snake oil?

    Does anybody have any experience in this area?

    1. alistar

      Most studies I’ve seen suggest both thc and CBD in combination but you may get some therapeutic effects that help.

      I’d try CBD brothers as have used their products and know them well. The best way to verify is an independent lab test or a large CBD brand like CBD brothers.

  21. Simon

    Hi looking to sign up and to get involved with like minded people and would like to source the plant tag system and I’ve joined the ukcsc

  22. Giles

    Hi, my primary interest is the medical application of cannabis. My partner sustained a catastrophic and life changing SCI several years ago – she was diagnosed as tetraplegic – BUT through sheer bloody minded determination, this remarkable woman has regained some mobility and is able to walk around our home on crutches. But, she struggles with constant pain and muscle spasticity. Routine management of the condition is through massive doses of opiate derived medication and synthetic muscle relaxants the use of which results in impaired mental capacity and leads to dependency. NHS Spinal Trauma Centres in England are not permitted to consider the use of cannabis derived medication because there is insufficient evidence to support its use – VATCH 22. One enlightened rehab consultant has prescribed SATIVEX (privately,) but at near £ 500 a time it’s unsustainable. To be clear, we are not naive, we have used cannabis recreationally in the past (Greenleaf Cafe SW2 – long since closed down) . I would welcome the opportunity to join the community and learn more about this remarkable plant. If this is not a forum for education and discussion, I apologise for wasting your time.

    1. alistar

      If you can download wickr me messenger and leave me your username i will be in contact. I recall the greenleaf cafe too used to live close by. Hopefully we can get you on board after a chat 🙂

  23. Julian

    I suffered a stroke at a young age, and her of the major benefits of thc.
    My hospital friend reomends you guys.
    Can you help? What do you stock?

    1. alistar

      We carry CBD isolate balms and tinctures. Would be good to get you to a meet. You just need to find a member for refferal perhaps on our Facebook non members group if you Google it comes up as FB restricts the search

  24. Nico

    Hey guys, I am gonna be direct and honest haha I am a recreational consumer, and I am new to Bristol, any tips on how or where to get some? :/ help is much appreciated, I understand if no one replies, but I had to try haha 4/20 is on saturday

  25. ben

    is this place still active whats the best way to get on board could do with making some new friends and contacts in this area is it possible for someone to refer me?

  26. Matt

    Yoo dudes just looking to get a referral thinking that alongside you guys we could do great things hook a brother up and will hook you back 🔥💨

  27. Pete

    Suffer from a a rare neuro condition and looking for advice and help. Would be great to come to a gathering.
    Have no social media

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