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  1. Yvonne

    I have chronic tensions headaches daily 24/7 for past 6 years and am interested in being helped. Please would you let me know when your next event is and if you could help or advise me at all.
    Kind regards

    1. jo

      28 March at 16:45

      Phoenix Social Enterprise, 5 Russell Town Avenue, Redfield, Bristol BS5 9LT

      Hosted by Bristol Cannabis Club with Feed The Birds

      Speakers including: Chico Ryder, childhood cancer patient and son of Paul Ryder (Happy Mondays), and his Mum Angela.

      Jeff Ditchfield from Bud Buddies: Project Storm

      Tom Lloyd ex chief constable of Cambridgeshire

      Neil Woods from LEAP UK

      United Patients Alliance presents Patients Perspectives from:

      Ann Elk – Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient
      Jonathan Liebling – Anxiety and Depression Patient
      Sarah Dougan – Biologist, speaking on the safety of cannabis.

      There will also be time for local people who use cannabis as medicine to share their stories.

      The Cannabis Quilt UK workshop.

      NORML UK Women’s Alliance

      Donations on the door. Seating limited to 90.


      AFTER PARTY with Bristol Cannabis Club and Feed the Birds seed give away in a secret location about 5 mins drive from the first event, the details of which can only be obtained at the Patient’s Perspectives event, and will run from 9pm til the venue closes at 4am.

  2. JamieShoes

    Any further info on a potential event dec 7th? – I mailed but not sure if the address I used is being checked regularly ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Callum Neal

    Me, my brother and Father, the majority of my family are users of cannabis as medical user and recreational. We enjoy our time bonding with each other over having a smoke. Its a nice and calm way of relaxing and recollecting on that days events with our loved one. We would be very thankful if the email above was added to the mailing lists so we would be able to join you in your good cause to legalise the harmful drug.

  4. simon_staples710

    Hey is it the fireworks tonight was hoping to reach but had no message about the location if anyone could let me know that would be cool

    1. alistar

      Yeah all still no fireworks but it will go with a bang ๐Ÿ™‚ We are in the usual location have sent you email. Please signup to our mailing list too for future annoucements

  5. Harley


    I have recently been helping a family members out with their cancer treatment and arthritis and had some amazing results, are there any events soon as I would like to discuss this with other like minded people ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Arjun Kumar

    i use cannabis regularly to deal with my chronic illness (id rather not go into details here) and make me feel better. it is an essential part of my day and it keeps me distracted from all the bad things going on in life and keeps me happy . it helps me pay attention to my responsibilites and helps me work towards building a brighter future for myself. id love to interact with people like me who have been affected by cannabis in a positive manner. can you please let me know when the next event is and add me to your mailing lists??
    thank you

  7. Gregory

    Having just return from Spain I was able to join a club called green dreams in ********* I was able to buy and smoke very good and clean skunk,with no hassle from the police and one day I hope and pray that one day it will arrive
    in the please add me to your mailing list of coming events.
    I am 69 and I find it certainly helps with the growing pains in old age
    Thank you

  8. Rich

    I would love to join BCC. I have a number of chronic conditions: COPD, emphysema, atrial tachycardia, a badly warn disc in my lower spine which they can’t operate on due to my breathing, sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis & tendinitis. I would like to come along to your next event. I’ve been a cannabis user since 1970

  9. Anthony Isaac

    Hi Iโ€™m a medical and recreational user of cannabis Iโ€™d like to attend one of your events iv registered my email address with you already if you could help thanks Anthony

  10. Daisy Miller

    Hi there. I’m a student visiting from New York and I was wondering how to join this cannabis club? I have severe anxiety and insomnia with a legal California medical card but am having trouble finding medication (cannabis) in or around London.

  11. Richard Prosser

    I will be moving to Bristol soon and I would like to join the club but I don’t know any members so I can’t get any referrals. Likewise, it has been suggested that I attend an event and the November one looks promising but presumably I need to be a member in order to get the details!

    I understand your concerns but this “Catch 22” situation makes it very difficult for newcomers like myself to get an invitation. As I am now 63, recently widowed and without any contacts in the area it is very desirable for me to join like-minded people but right now I do not see any way of doing so.

    I am registered via email but I have yet to receive any messages or notices, so I am not even sure that I will be informed about forthcoming events. There must be a better way of inviting people to the club, surely?

    1. alistar

      We totally understand its can be a struggle but sadly for a number of reason we have to have a referral system in place to protect our members and show a regulated model. A member can invite you by means of a referral if you make contact with then on our facebook group, here, instagram or at an event closer to you currently. We will always send emails of events to those on our list but only members get the location to events unless its a public event. Public events tend to be outdoors during the spring and summer months.

  12. Max Wardle

    I am epileptic and also suffer from piriformis , chronic knee pain, anxiety and depression . I believe the psychological conditions are a product of my current medication but the pain and disability are a permanent problem . I am having trouble for cbd support from Nhs or the potential help via thc yet making now headway . I canโ€™t afford the pricing of cbd products ( that I have no faith in an unregulated product) as they are even more than normal dope so detered currently by most products on sale . Normal marijuana has offered some relief for night terrors and psychological issues but canโ€™t find any middle ground . So Iโ€™m looking to find people that may be able to help me pursue productive alternative medicines weed related . Being disabled I am unable to work and the cbd products are so dear that are out of my grasp and would like to hear the wealth of information your community maybe able to help and offer some help and obtain more stability in life . Iโ€™m in Bristol and have no idea how to get involved I have registered and have had no email . Please help me have access to this info and support Dom like minded individuals . Thankyou and thanks for enduring my long message

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