Bristol Cannabis Club

A Safe Space No More

For twelve months we managed to keep our HQ secret and safe from those who might try to hurt it. But on Saturday 11th January 2020, three hundred and seventy six days after we opened, we failed.

We’ve been gathering what we can from CCTV around the building, but it was dark and raining, greatly reducing visibility. We’re pretty certain that it was our own – they were in the building for all of five minutes. They knew exactly what they were there for, and where it was kept.

It’s not the first time Bristol Cannabis Club has been robbed. We lost out last month, too. But to a much smaller amount. It’s not the first time a cannabis club has been robbed. Gosh, it’s not even the first time a cannabis club in Bristol has been robbed.

It’s time for change, no?

It’s time to stop worrying about whether we will have the force of the law to protect us, should the worst happen. The fact is, we do not. We cannot get insurance because our name has got a naughty word in it. We cannot call the police because we’re worried that they’ll be the next to rip the door off. Our own CCTV was shite because we never wanted to risk the safety and privacy of our members, in the event of a police raid.

We’ve spent the past year protecting ourselves from the police, preparing for the worst sort of knock, and we didn’t even take the time to think about those who don’t bother to knock at all. We were na├»ve. Because we know that we are not criminals, we forgot that others amongst us most certainly are.

As a result, your club HQ has been compromised. It will no longer open for business as usual. We are working on an interim model, to suffice in the meantime whilst we locate and secure a new premesis. We will keep you updated through the means we have developed in the past year.

But this is not signal to a quiet time for Bristol Cannabis Club. We will not lie dormant, licking our wounds under the weight of an unjust law.

We do deserve protection.

We do deserve validation.

We do not deserve to be bent over and fucked. Repeatedly. For doing only what we know to be right.

Bristol Cannabis Club have been weaponised. We will address the upcoming PCC elections with a renewed enthusiasm. We had grown comfortable, in our painted warehouse, with our pool table and printed roach. But the smoke sticks in our throat now, because we’ve been forced to remember that we are not safe. We are constantly at risk, not just from the police, but from the criminal underworld, which feeds off of souls such as ours.

Until we, and the plant that we choose to consume, are decriminalised under British law, we will continue to be smothered and crushed by the real bad guys. Our brothers and sisters will continue to go to prison, whilst drug cartels gain in wealth and dominance across the globe. People will suffer under a strangled NHS, whilst the medicine that could cure them is grown under their noses, only to be shipped off abroad, serving only the pockets of those who own the farms.

We have to stop this.

Contact your MP. Contact your councillors. Prepare an email ready for your PCC candidates (we’re preparing one for you, just in case you can’t be bothered). 2020 is the Year of 420. And seven days after it ends, you have the opportunity to really make a difference to cannabis law reform in your area.

Donate to our fundraiser here, and help us to rebuild what we have lost.

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