Bristol Cannabis Club

Bristol Cannabis Club! Its Member benefits!! How to Join!!!

Bristol Cannabis Club campaigns for local and national cannabis regulation! Spreads harm reduction tips, assists medical consumers with information and tools, educates on self sufficiency and provides access to testing. They work with local councillors, press, local and national law reform and activism organisations.

You can join the public fight at our protests, marches and public media outlets. Join from the comfort of your own living room or meet us the members in the flesh it’s your choice.

We also have a private members club which is self regulated to show the regulation we call for. There are many benefits to being a member other than support the fight!!

  • We have a number of discounts from major supplies and wholesalers we pass onto our members and can we order anything you wish!
  • We hold regular secure private events for vetted members which vary in content but provide a safe space for consumers to network and entertainment and stalls to help them unwind.
  • We also have our new HQ! “The Brunel Steam Rooms” Open Tuesday – Sunday!! 4pm till 8.30pm where you can come and have a vape/dab and a coffee and chat to other members… Expect all the usual you find in any Spanish Association with a Bristol twist!
  • Finally as a vetted member you get access to other friendly organisations in the UK and around the world we partner with.

To become a member and to keep our members and org safe you need a referral from a member of the club or a trusted organisation in the UK or abroad like our friends in Swansea, Cardiff, Birmingham and Brighton cannabis social clubs. They can refer you by contacting us with a quick message about yourselves think of it like a reference for a new job. Once we have that we need your email to invite you to an event or space to fully sign up to get your access.

Membership costs £10 a year currently and private event access varies from £3 for Brunel Steam Rooms day pass to £20 which covers a month’s access to Brunel Steam Rooms with monthly events only costing between £5 and £10 to access.

The club is run by its members for the benefit of its members and local community and the national fight for cannabis regulation. Please show is any support you can 💚

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