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Indulgently Green


Created by a fully qualified chef these are gourmet chocs with a difference!  They come professionally packaged and a very nice high as they are infused with some very good quality oil, which the admin team also managed to sample at a recent private session.  Presented in a draw string bag, complete with info sheets on each product’s ingredients and strength, protected by heaps of unbleached parchment paper and a sturdy cardboard box.


White chocolate and baileys truffle bites. Amazing melt in the mouth goodness.  Had a little warmth and left a very comfortable buzz that continued till next morning.


Salted caramel was a lovely sweet hit and very herby tasting.


Rocky Road with that classic mix of crunch and chew. Could taste the fire in this one! 🙂

DSC_0847 DSC_0849

Although all products were yummy our favourite was the white chocolate and baileys truffle bites

DSC_0850 9499bf0b88b36223aaa1981c64bcde14

3 thoughts on “Indulgently Green

  1. Dogtanian

    Those choccies look fantastic! But I would guess they are only CBD; I doubt they contain any significant amount of THC. I could be wrong, but I’d be surprised.

    1. alistar Post author

      They where so tasty too! They are more THC than CBD the oil used was from a regular Sativa strain and the effects more uplifting so I would suspect not a lot of CBN either.

      I recently started the day on a Jaffa rocky road square! They have a lovely citrus and hashy taste 🙂 Pretty euphoric high too I think, was smoking too 😉

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