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Space Pops

screenshot_2016-01-30-22-59-38.pngThese are Cali originating lolly pops bringin12558267_538894129607024_1891724914_ng that US flavour and style to the UK.  They are a lovely creamy consistency and quite strong.  I have split one of these between 4 or my family and we all had a real giggle even two people who sometimes suffer from anxiety when consuming Cannabis had great time and where up till late playing with the kids like kids themselves in between deep chats, many laughs and a bit of house cleaning like only Cannabis can inspire.


These pops for me really come into their own when enjoying active pursuits as the high is so clear and energetic.  Unlike some highs that relax the muscles these seem able to charge mine and create a hyper state unlocking another 20%.  Due to this they where an absolute winner on the ski slopes of the Alps and I was sad I ran out after day 4 but they do go a long way, we split them into fours which gave me a noticeable kick I could

2 thoughts on “Space Pops

  1. Lisa Sweet

    Do you know where I can buy cannabutter in Bristol?
    I would like to make some brownies.
    Space pops look good! Can you buy them in Bristol? I would be interested.
    Many thanks

    1. alistar Post author

      Lisa I’m sure there are but we would recommend making your own as you know what’s in it then. Sure pops are about if you look hard enough 🙂

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