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Pocket Wick


Managed to see what all the hype was about and get round to trying some of this hemp wick.  I got mine from a conference for a couple of quid from some nice chaps who explained it’s made of quality natural beeswax and hemp and its smells a bit like honey.

I used mine with some OG Glass I recently picked up, this thing is a beast, big bowl and smooth hits as it’s pretty thick boro.

There’s a little bit of a knack to lighting it and controlling the flame.  First ensure ya got it burning by holding horizontal or upside down vertically in a flame, then once lit turn upright vertical which seems to slow the burn down.



Once lit ya can either let it burn ready to relight the bowl or blow out with the exhale or a quick shake.


One of the cool things about this brand of hemp wick is that it comes in a nice little wrap so when in your pocket doesn’t pick up all sorts of other contaminate, as you get when wrapping wick around your lighter. It’s then easily dispensed by pulling on the loose end.  It also seemed to burn better than some brands and stayed lit better but didn’t burn fast either.  They also give some of their profits to a charity setup to save bees which gets my vote!


There are numerous benefits to igniting your herbs in this way the first would be harm reduction as you are not inhaling butane as you would when lighting your pieces with a lighter, and you are not melting screens as you can with a torch.


I also found that lighting with wick improved the taste probably because of the lack of butane rather than an addition of flavours but the honey taste does sweeten the first part of the first pull.

dsc_0508.jpgYou can get yours from

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