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Kushty Treats

I have been exploring the world of medibles over the last year or so and tasting what the UK has to offer from a number of enthusiasts I have been lucky enough to befriend .  One that I keep on coming back to is Kushty Treats as the products are so varied and convenient.

Kushty Treats are food hygiene trained so all their goodies are created in a clean environment following good food prep guidelines and securely packaged to keep contents fresh.



Having tried the range and consumed in different situations I find each product has a situation it’s perfect for like there is a strain to compliment different activities.

Cherry Well Baked!

This is one of my old favourites and one of the first products I sampled.
wp-1461075422765.jpgIt has brought myself and many friends to the limits of their tolerance hence the name Cherry ‘Well Baked’ but still the taste has you drooling for more.  It’s great for relaxing and pain relief leaving you with a warm and comfy high then results in a great nights sleep.

Version two of this creation is a real gourmet offering.  I was offered one last night a friend had frozen to save for me and could not even wait for it to defrost before devouring it



Classic brownies with the Kushty Treats twist.  I have only eaten these whilst at sessions so already quite blazed but they added well to the high and didn’t
seem sleepy.  Soft and chewy and gluten free so I’m told as they really don’t taste it any different to regular brownies!12407143_1771966669611383_1604397279_n

Carrot Cake

Another classic with a sweet frosting which hits my sweet tooth just right!  Bet these would be lovely with a medicated Lassi or Chai tea.


Truffles / Jellys

These things are like little balls of energy and I often use them to turbo charge my night on the weekend 😉 The rum and raisin is my favourite although the cherry are also scrummy!12556053_539375526230318_2033745059_n

The jellies are also pretty energetic but pack quite a punch! Worth ensuring ya got the tolerance ready for these bad bwoys! They have had a mate leave the pub early when these kicked in to ensure he got home! LOL


These are amazing as you can take them anywhere and consume as little or as much as you prefer.  I like to start the day with mine as they leave me in a very playful yet relaxed mood and remove any anxiety I may be facing.  They go well with a Dutch breakfast 😉


These are great for times when you don’t want to medicate in such an obvious way and don’t want to over consume.  I love them for playing outside with the kids as the release the big kid in me which the kids love.

The stronger lollies where also great for apres ski whilst snowboarding in the alps for recovering from the days bumps and muscle painimg_20160305_143825.jpg


I’ve often overlooked this stuff but having my own little bottle I now see how handy it is.  Since you can take this sublingually (under the tongue) it hits very fast so you can get to where you need to be with more precision and since your not overdoing it its quicker to return to a base level again.  These are great for bopping around the town or boosting the effects or previous medibles or other Cannabis consumption.
Another very cool use for the tincture is to combine it with 20% Propylene Gylcol to create a vape juice mix you can fill into any ecig cartridge that can handle thicker liquids.  I use mine with my mod which handles thick juice well.  You can further thin the juice using Lecithin if you have smaller unit.

The best things for me about medibles is the comfortable high, ease of dosing and discreteness.  As you can see from the pic above they travel incredibly well.

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