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Wanted!! Logo for Bristol Cannabis Club

Wanted!! Logo for Bristol Cannabis Club

How do you fancy your artwork being featured as the logo for Bristol Cannabis Club and our local campaign, as a part of the national effort to legalise and regulate the supply of cannabis.

Bristol Cannabis Club has continued to grow steadily, from its roots firstly as a Facebook page, and then with public meetings. As we have watched things evolve elsewhere withing the UK cannabis club or association scene, it has become clear, that we need a logo, which we can use on our website, branded merchandise, stationary, campaign material, and anything else which is necessary.

We need a symbol for our group which will identify us as a Cannabis Compassion Club in our own right. This is an area we have struggled with and feel it is time to open this opportunity up to the wider canna community. Some previous logo ideas can be seen below. What we are asking is this: Can you design us a logo? As you can see from the example we have included with this article of submissions received thus far, the simpler the better. We need something to stand out and make us easily recognisable by fellow activists and eventually the mainstream media. Anyone can apply and there are no restrictions other than those imposed by the screen printers we employ to create the goods which will have your logo imprinted on them. Basically the specifications are as follows:

  1. We are aiming to be able to vector graph or plot print the winning design. This then enables us to transfer the logo over to any merchandise we can think of ranging from tshirts to mugs and beyond!
  2. In terms of spacing the minimum distance we can have between artwork is 1mm and the minimum distance for the thickness of lines on the design is 1.5 mm.
  3. In terms of colour we are looking at a one colour design for ease of printing as well as keeping production costs low.
  4. We wanted to incorporate the initials B.C.C, a hot air balloon, the suspension bridge/gorge, and a cheeky leaf.  Something like this:-
    One logo interpretation, based on admins remit.

    One logo interpretation, based on admins remit.

    Or you can surprise us, and come up with your own design completely.

OK I can now hear you thinking, well what’s the prize then; isn’t this a competition?

Yes there are prizes as well as the knowledge that there is artwork out there that you designed. So for the person who wins the prize is: 1 of the first Bristol Cannabis Club T shirts to be printed, free club sign up, and a goodie bag.  The two runners up will receive a goodie bag each. The club admin team will vote on the submitted designs and winners will be announced on our Facebook page, Twitter and here, on our website.

The deadline for submission is Monday 7th June. Winners be announced by 10th June 2015. Prizes will be sent as soon as design and printing completed.

Please submit all entries via email to


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