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420 Bristol!

Four Twenty or 420 has become an international symbol for cannabis culture and in recent years the scene has grown in the UK, from glass blowing to dabs, we may be a little behind the Americans but then we always are when we try to copy them!

Just incase you have never heard of 420 or where it originates from here is a brief history:

The story begins back in 1971 at San Rafael High School in Northern California with a group of students named the Waldo’s. ┬áThe Waldo’s used to meet at 4:20pm by a statue at their school to consume cannabis and go off in search of a hidden cannabis plantation.

For many years the idea of 420 spread slowly through the Californian student cannabis culture becoming a general term for cannabis which can be used in many ways as demonstrated below:

Stoner 1: “Hey man, you coming round for 420?” Stoner 2: “It’s only midday” Stoner 1: “It’s 420 somewhere man!”


“Have you got any of that 420 left man!?”

In the early 90’s “420” appeared on a flyer at Grateful Dead concerts in Northern California and was eventually picked up by High Times magazine which took 420 into the main stream.

The 20th April or 4/20 if your in the states has become a day of celebration for cannabis culture and events are held world wide with the largest held in Denver, Colorado where cannabis can now be bought and sold legally for recreational purposes.

In recent years here in the UK 420 has been celebrated in Glasgow and Manchester where hundreds of people attended last year but the largest is always Hyde Park in London where around 10,000 people attended in 2013.

In 2014 despite torrential rain and a huge police presence around 5 – 8,000 people attended Hyde park showing great commitment from people who are considered “lazy stoners”.

This year there will be the usual Hyde Park Celebration on Sunday 19th April and a Parliament protest on Monday 20th April.

Here at the Bristol Cannabis Club we are very proud to be hosting our own celebration on Clifton Downs, Bristol for an afternoon of 420 related fun on Sunday 19th April from 2pm.

There is a map below highlighting where we plan to meet.


Bring your self a picnic and BYO to join in the festive fun, it will be a quiet affair with no media attention and no hype so you can relax and celebrate your 420 in a peaceful environment.

This is a family event and children are welcome when accompanied by an adult.

Please check out our event page for updates on this event:

We are looking forward to celebrating 420 with you!

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